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Choir: please check this page regularly to keep up-do-date on Virtual Choir recordings for the season. New backing tracks and scores will be released weekly.

Schedule by Submission Date

                                                                                                                                                                            Music       Sop     Alto    Ten     Bass    SATB

1/17  “I Believe This Is Jesus" - Undine Smith Moore     record by 1/15 at 10 a.m.                  Fri

1/24  "Jesus Calls Us Here to Meet Him" - Bell/Seigart  record by 1/21 before choir            Thu

1/31  "How Can I Keep From Singing?" - arr. Wilberg    record by 1/28 before choir           Thu

2/7   "Amazing Grace" - arr. Will Todd                              record by 2/4 before choir             Thu

2/14  Introit for Transfiguration - Wendy Matney          record by 2/9 by end of day          Tue

2/14  "Beautiful Savior" - F. Melius Christiansen             record by 2/11 before choir           Thu

2/17  "Create in Me, O God, A Clean Heart" - Brahms    record by 2/15 by end of day          Mon

2/21   "Amen" from Total Praise - Smallwood                   record by 2/18 before choir           Thu

2/21  "Out of the Deep" (Requiem) - John Rutter*             record by 2/19 at 10 a.m.                Thu

2/28  "The Lord Is My Shepherd" (Requiem) - Rutter      record by 2/25 before choir           Thu

3/7    "Kyrie Eleison" (Requiem) - Rutter                            record by 3/4 before choir             Thu

3/14    "Lux aeterna" (Requiem) - Rutter*                           record by 3/11 before choir            Thu

3/21    "Wondrous Love" - Paul Christiansen                    record by 3/17 before choir            Thu

3/28    "Sanctus" (Requiem) - Rutter                                   record by 3/24 before choir           Thu

4/2     "Pie Jesu" (Requiem) - Rutter   AUDIO ONLY          record by 3/29 by end of day        Mon

4/4    "Hallelujah" (Messiah) - Handel                                 record by 4/1 before choir             Thu

* you can record these as two separate videos, if you like. Just be sure not to change your outfit or camera angle drastically!

  "Out of the Deep"  - Section 1: 0:30-2:20; Section 2: 2:20-end

Note: On Good Friday, we are presenting a musical offering of John Rutter's Requiem, which we will record in pieces for Sunday's anthems throughout Lent. By Palm Sunday, we will have recorded 5 of the 6 movements (we are omitting the "Agnus Dei" outright), and the final movement "Pie Jesu" will be AUDIO-ONLY and due the following Monday, March 29.

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