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Choir: please check this page regularly to keep up-do-date on Choir recordings for the season.

    SCHEDULE                                                         Score  Sop   Alto  Tenor   Bass SATB

3/13 - To Abraham and Sarah (Seigart)

           Assurance (Billings)

           God so loved the world (Stainer)

3/20 - My eyes are always on the Lord (Seigart)

            Sicut cervus (Palestrina)

            Irish Blessing (Huchla, premiere)

3/27 - Rejoice, Jerusalem (Seigart)

            Amazing Grace (arr. Will Todd)

            The Road Home (Paulus)

4/3 -  Give me Justice (Hammond)

            "In paradisum" from Requiem (Fauré)

            Fill Our Hearts (Seigart, NEW)

4/10 - Hosanna to the Son of David (Chant)

           Sanctus (Todd)

           Christus Factus Est

4/14 - Ubi caritas (Duruflé) - Maundy Thursday

4/17 - An Easter Introit (Seigart)

           Sing the Lord, Ye Voices All (Haydn)

           Alleluia (Thompson)

CREATION (Haydn) - 5/15/22 at 3 p.m.

Text changes and Sit/Stand Cues

No. 1a - "In the beginning" / "And God Said"

No. 2 - "Now vanish" / "Despairing" / "A new created"

No. 4 - "The marvelous work beholds amazed"

No. 9 - "Awake the Harp"

No. 13 - "The Heavens are Telling"

No. 18a - "The Lord is Great"

No. 25 - "Achieved is the glorious work" (short)

No. 25b - "Achieved is the glorious work" (long)

No. 27 - "By thee with bliss" / "Forever blessed"

No. 31 - "Sing the Lord ye voices all"

My eyes are always
Rejoice, Jerusalem
Give me justice
Todd Sanctus
Fill our hearts