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OPMH Choir Recordings

Choir: please check this page regularly to keep up-do-date on Choir recordings for the season (live links are underlined).



April 4         NO REHEARSAL


April 7         Easter 2

Introit: Arlington (Thomas Arne). PDF.   recording (wrong words, right tune)

Anthem: I Believe This Is Jesus (Undine Smith Moore) PDF. S1  S2  A  T1  T2  B1.  B2.   SATB

Offertory: Do Not Be Afraid (Philip Stopford) recording


April 11         NO REHEARSAL


April 14        Easter 3

Introit: Bless His Holy Name (André Crouch). PDF.  recording.  (not exactly the same...) 

Anthem: He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands (Hogan/Bonds). PDF.  S.  A.  T.  B. SATB. 

Offertory: The Lord Is My Shepherd (Will Todd). PDF.  S. A. T. B. SATB. 


April 18        Rehearsal 7:30


April 21        Easter 4 – Confirmation

Introit: Sweet Prospect (American Folk Tune) PDF

Anthem: Salmo 150 (Ernani Aguiar). PDF.  S.  A.  T.  B.  SATB.  

Offertory: Jesus is a Rock (arr. Glenn Burleigh). PDF.  recording.  


April 25       Rehearsal 7:30


April 28       Easter 5

Introit: Murassalat (trad. Sudanese) PDF. recording. 

Anthem: Be Thou My Vision (Bob Chilcott). PDF.  S.  A.  T.  B.   SATB. 

Offertory: How Can I Keep From Singing? (Mack Wilberg). PDF.  S.  A.  T.  B.  SATB


May 2          FESTIVAL CHOIR Rehearsal 7:30


May 5          YOUTH SUNDAY (No Choir call)


May 8          FESTIVAL CHOIR Rehearsal 7:30 (note this is a WEDNESDAY)


May 12         Easter 7

Anthem: My Eternal King (Jane Marshall) PDF.  recording.  

Offertory: Agnus Dei (from Nidaros Jazz Mass, Bob Chilcott) PDF.  recording.  


May 16         FESTIVAL CHOIR Rehearsal 7:30


May 18         FESTIVAL CHOIR DRESS REHEARSAL 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (note this is a SATURDAY)

                        9 a.m. Orchestra call

                        9:30 a.m. Choir call

                        12:00 p.m. Choir + orchestra excused, MHS w/piano


May 19         Pentecost (11 a.m.)

Introit: Every Time I Feel The Spirit (arr. Seigart). PDF. 

Anthem: Psalm 24 (Lili Boulanger). PDF.  IPA/Trans.  recording. 

Offertory: Total Praise (Richard Smallwood). PDF.  recording. 


May 19         3 p.m. CONCERT – Poulenc Gloria and music of Lili Boulanger (CALL 1 p.m.)

    Boulanger – Psalm 24 (Full). PDF.  IPA/Trans. FRENCH (long). FRENCH (short) recording. 

                                Boulanger – Sous bois (MHS). PDF.  

                                Boulanger – Pendant la tempête (MHS). PDF.  

                                Boulanger – La source (MHS) PDF. 

    Boulanger – Hymne au Soliel (Full) PDF.  IPA/Trans. FRENCH (long) FRENCH (short) recording.    

           SOP.  ALTO.  TENOR.  BASS.

    Poulenc – Gloria (Full) PDF (complete)     recording (full)

                        Domine Deus (from Gloria, Poulenc).  PDF.   S1.  S2.  A1.  A2.  T1.  T2.  B1.  B2.  SATB   

                        individual practice tracks on CYBERBASS



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